Yarold Christian Leyte Quintanar (Mexico)

Person in charge of the Yarold Leyte Quintanar Case: Giuliana Rojas Gazco.

Contact: contact@en-vero.org.


  • News on November 1, 2018: Supreme Court revokes sentence in Yarold Leyte Quintanar Case (Animal Político, trans.)
  • News on June 1, 2017: General State Attorney’s Violations Arrive at The Supreme Court (Blog Expediente)
  • News on March 1st, 2016: Press release – CART’s reaction to Yarold Leyte Quintanar’s sentencing to 32 years in prison (Trans., CART EDIT )
  • News on July 1, 2016: The Yarold Leyte Quintanar Case: “I don’t want my son to die in prison” (Trans., Blog Expediente Mx)