The Wallace / Jacobo Tagle Dobin Case (June 16, 2019)

Source: Proceso
Autor: Ricardo Raphael
June 16, 2019
Translation: Daniel Avalos (Original publication in English on May 21, 2019)


Calderon and Wallace under the same lens.

While looking for signs of mutual support between Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and Isabel Miranda de Wallace, we found ourselves in front of a disturbing scenario; at the same time, the real reasons behind some of Calderón’s decisions were brought to light.
Calderon’s most controversial decisions, while being the head of the state, would have distorted the constitution, under the pretext of a terrible war against the organized crime.
Former President Calderón sent a message on social media defending Isabel Miranda de Wallace in the very same day in which a coverage was published in the magazine Proceso: A 1970 birth certificate reveals another lie of Isabel Miranda. His message reads:
“Mi solidarity is with @WallaceIsabel. I perceive cruelty against her. ‘Journalism’ describing irrelevant topics and issues (the illegitimate daughter, her secret weeding with her cousin) against the true tragedy of a kidnapped and murdered child. What meanness ! Poor Mexico!”
I would guess that Calderon really esteems Mrs Wallace, and that he discredited the journalistic work just for humanity and empathy; not fully realizing that such investigation contributed with strong evidence aimed to invalidate fundamental fabricated proofs in the Wallace case.
It can be assumed also, that some other more embarrassing causes dictated Calderon’s behaviour. It is noticeable that Felipe Calderón’s politics biography, as president, was intimately linked to Isabel Miranda de Wallace, especially in the forms and ways that both have in common to persecute the organized crime: There is an agreement in their respective visions of torture, police investigations, staging of criminal scenes, and the fabrication of the presumed guilty.
Until now, the most well known event of their agreement was Florence Cassez’s case. Both of them, Calderon and Wallace, fought side by side, to present Florence as a criminal and kidnapper to the public, regardless of the evident violation in her due process, with no possible surrender of the justice authorities.
Their coincidence got into a climax when Isabel Miranda was recognized with the National Human Rights Award by the hands of Felipe Calderón in 2010. After that, he forced his political party – the PAN – to nominate Miranda as the PAN candidate to run for Mexico City Major 2012 elections.
After learning this, it is easy now to understand why Calderon was defending Miranda with such efforts: he was in reality trying to shield the historic legacy of his own misbehaviour regarding the security policies he instrumented during his mandate.
Analyzing the complex judicial file of the Wallace case, it is possible to perceive the contextual environment that surrounds the case, and that leads to proposing an alternative hypothesis: Felipe Calderón and Isabel Miranda not only empathized in vision and methods, also, both of them got the same dirt on their hands.
There is one piece of evidence that leads to think in this way: The Medical Expert Analysis and Istanbul Protocol that Dr. Raul Enrique Ojeda-Silva obtained from the convict Jacobo Tagle-Dobin on Sept 10 2018. In this document the physician confirmed that Jacobo suffered torture at the hand of the Mexican authorities. It also reports that Isabel Miranda was present during the cruel and violent torture sessions. The most disturbing moment of Jacobo’s narration occurs when Mrs. Wallace phone called President Felipe Calderón in the presence of Jacobo. Here is transcribed the direct declaration of Tagle Dobin:
“Mrs. Wallace demanded to phone call immediately President Felipe Calderón, so they gave her a cell phone. She was talking out loud all the time so to be heard by everyone present. Mrs. Wallace told Calderon that they had arrested the last one that was missing of the kidnappers of her son. He congratulated her and asked to talk to the man in charge. She then gave the phone to a white – haired man, who immediately received from Calderon instructions to give any accommodation demanded by Mrs. Wallace, and to do anything required so that I would be cast into prison with no way out “.
Tagle Dubin continues explaining that, after that phone call with president Calderon, only two men were left to watch him: one that was always pointing at him with a gun, and the second was a man dressed in black, in charge of torture him, ” with both of his thumbs, he compressed my eyeballs with such force that caused me an indescriptible pain than ran inside my head, as if it was about to break in two, it was as an electric shock”.
The Istanbul Protocol applied to Jacobo Tagle Dobin documents a long chain of hard-bearing aggressions with the sole purpose to get from him an auto-incriminatory confession. And then to punish Jacobo for having declared in front of a judge that those declarations were obtained under torture.
If all dark inconsistencies full of arbitrariness and abuse of power, that have plagued the Wallace case are brought to public light, then it will be very difficult for Felipe Calderón to keep himself out of public attention and judgements.
I wonder if this was the very reason behind Calderón’s quick disqualification of the ongoing journalistic investigation, that would involve him, disclosing his unconstitutional actions when he was Mexico’s head of State.