The Wallace Case (Oct. 6, 2018)

Source: Los Ángeles Press 
Author: Guadalupe Lizárraga
Oct. 6, 2018 
Translation: Jorge B. (Original version in Spanish published on Sept. 10, 2018


Ethical prosecutor reports to the authorities on the false Wallace Case

To President-elect of the United Mexican States, Andrés Manuel López Obrador
To the LXIV Legislature of the Congress of Mexico
To the Judiciary of the Federation
To the people of Mexico 


On August 18, 2018, a group of nongovernmental organizations, human rights activists and journalists held an ethics day in Mexico City organized through the International Tribunal of Conscience of Peoples in Movement. At this civic-ethical event we presented before a honourable jury, for definition and sentencing, serious cases of human rights violations, which in recent years have been committed in our country and which have been ignored by representatives of the institutions of formal justice of the Mexican State.

I had the honour of being invited to participate in these activities as an ethical prosecutor to expose one of the most emblematic cases of corruption and impunity in the justice system in Mexico: The Wallace Case. Created with the support of judicial authorities, the alleged kidnapping and homicide of Hugo Alberto Wallace Miranda, with a double official identity also known as Hugo Alberto Miranda Torres, has kept seven people whose rights to the presumption of innocence have been violated and who have been systematically tortured in a 12-year period by prosecutor officials of the SEIDO-PGR under orders from Isabel Miranda Torres, mother of the alleged victim; twelve people have been unjustly imprisoned, including the defence of those falsely accused; and eleven arbitrary and illegal detentions have been perpetrated, of which in four of these detentions, Isabel Miranda Torres participated directly in their torture. 

During several years of independent journalistic research and with the support of international non-governmental organizations such as the Canadian Association for Law and Rights, En Vero, we have presented evidence of life of Hugo Alberto Wallace Miranda/Hugo Alberto Miranda Torres since July 20 and November 1, 2005, to date, and for which we have received death threats, have been harassed and slandered in the media and social networks by the same Isabel Miranda Torres, who insists on maintaining the manufacture of the dead son. In my case, there have been two attempts of kidnapping by false public prosecutor officials sent to arrest me with false documentation, in a flagrant usurpation of functions, with the argument “to have given a different version from the official one.” Even on the same day of the hearing of the International Court of Conscience, August 18, I received a death threat on the phone. 

We have taken legal actions and filed claims for moral and personal damages, as well as the corresponding complaints before the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Federation. However, these actions have been hampered, postponed, dismissed and judicial representatives and lawyers have been corrupted to favour Isabel Miranda Torres. 

For decades, the manufacture of guilty defendants has deeply breached the rule of law in our country and corrupted law enforcement agencies, transforming them into spaces of torture, violations and unjust imprisonment. Isabel Miranda Torres has been involved in these fabrications since 2001 under the protection of public officials within the Assistant Attorney General’s Office for Special Investigations on Organized Crime, formerly SIEDO, and in the Secretariat of Public Security since 2006 with the support of ex secretary Genaro García Luna, who is infamously known for the manufacture of kidnappings and rescues with television set-ups to simulate their efficiency. 

As an ethical prosecutor of the International Tribunal for the Conscience of Peoples in Movement, I publicly respond to the inappropriate interference by Isabel Miranda Torres, who requested to participate in this civic-ethical forum by seeking the home address of the president of the jury and sending him “her file” with a bullying note that I have included at the end of this document: 

In the first place, Isabel Miranda Torres does not have the right to address the International Tribunal of Conscience of the Peoples in Movement as a victim, because she is being denounced as the perpetrator of torture and violations, which she has systematically committed against seven people who suffer unjust imprisonment since 2006 in order to maintain the manufacture of the Wallace Case. The place that she can only have in this ethical court is that of “DEFENDANT,” which she ignored when the holding of the court was announced.

According to testimonial sources and psychologists who have applied various protocols to the victims, Isabel Miranda Torres has promoted sexual violence as a form of torture using the judicial authorities to systematically perpetrate this crime against humanity, stipulated in the Rome Statute, subscribed by Mexico on September 7, 2000, and ratified on October 28, 2005, only three months after the shameful Wallace Case was fabricated.

With reference to Isabel Miranda Torres’s allusion to the International Court of Conscience asking not to facilitate the event “to people who come to make affirmations and accusations without any support, attacking and defaming the true victims of crime,” that is precisely what we are doing: preventing that people of her moral quality, without support and without scientific or legal evidence, continue accusing innocent people with judicial complicity and intend to use ethical-citizens spaces to legitimize these crimes. She is the most representative case of what she accuses others to do. 

Isabel Miranda Torres’s arrogance aimed to dishonour the members of this civic-ethical court, obviously inadmissible, maintains that we have not “taken the trouble to verify which people you lend the forum, people that question cases that are morally and legally supported.” With this attitude, she tries to ignore the ethical-moral commitment of each of the members of the court who, from different countries, have volunteered our time and resources to promote truth and justice in Mexico in cases of serious human rights violations, as the Wallace Case, among others, where the State has been an accomplice and perpetrator of these crimes. 

The deceitfulness of the Wallace Case collapses from the moment we present evidence that her son, who refuses to disappear, is still alive. Each one of the allegations of Isabel Miranda Torres about the alleged crime has been given a timely answer with documentary evidence, instrumental actions, expert evidence, video graphics, and testimonial and legal analyses before courts of the Judiciary of the Federation. She has gone as far as appealing the case to the Supreme Court of Justice, which denied the appeal without further justification. In this way, it is once again evident that ministers and judges are part of the profound breach of the rule of law, who have corrupted justice by granting preferential treatment to whom has been denounced for crimes against humanity, in addition to kidnapping attempt, usurpation of functions, influence peddling, falsification of documents, threats, slander, and perjury. 

In this context, when Isabel Miranda Torres appears before this ethical tribunal as coadjuvant to an official from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, she decisively confirms our public denunciation, in which we unmasked her torturer public prosecutor officials, among them Braulio Robles Zúñiga, Fermín Ubaldo Cruz and Osvaldo Jiménez Juárez, fully identified by their victims. And before the fallacy that the defence of the victims “has presented an infinity of appeals, appeals for revocation, amparo proceedings, judicial reviews… their access to justice is fully confirmed,” I reply to her by recalling the conditions in which she maintains her victims, due to her influence peddling and corruption of judicial authorities and prison directors. 

Brenda Quevedo Cruz, survivor of torture and sexual violence in the prison of Santiaguito, State of Mexico, and the Islands Maria prison, where she was illegally transferred by the SEIDO agents, 11 years in prison without being sentenced; Jacobo Tagle Dobín, survivor of torture and sexual violence, 8 years in prison without being sentenced; Jael Malangón Uscanga, survivor of torture and blind person as a result of these acts, 12 years in prison without being sentenced; all falsely accused of the alleged kidnapping and homicide of Hugo Alberto Wallace. Four other people tortured with the same characteristics of violence are: Juana Hilda González Lomelí, César Freyre Morales, Antonio and Albert Castillo Cruz, 12 years in prison, sentenced to more than one hundred years in prison, following public pressure on the judges by Isabel Miranda Torres. I ask: To what justice does the perpetrator refer?

Finally, I respond to a personal allusion by Isabel Miranda Torres regarding my “professionalism and humanism,” and for which she calls me “a pseudo journalist,” I inform Mexico that I have a PhD in Humanities from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and two master’s degrees, one in Journalism, from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in the program of the international newspaper El País, where I also did my apprenticeship, and a second Master’s Degree in Psychology, from Sofía University, in Palo Alto, California. I have a teacher’s licence both in Mexico (professional licence) and in the United States. On the other hand, Isabel Miranda Torres advertises herself as a pedagogue on Wikipedia, but there is no record of her professional studies, and she does not have a professional licence. She is a person who, having directly participated in the torture and arbitrary detention of the victims, shows a lack of instinctive pity that every human being experiences in the face of the physical suffering of another person. Lies, ignorance and cruelty have been constant in the life of this woman who has accumulated political and economic power through the corruption of the representatives of the Mexican State. 

Why does the State continue to protect and promote her impunity? The International Court of Conscience is not a judicial institution of the State. It is founded on a strictly ethical and independent character, with the sole purpose of exposing the truth and making justice a source of hope for the true victims in front of the international human rights community and related bodies. In the ethical judgment on the deceitfulness of the Wallace Case, it was clear that Isabel Miranda Torres is not an all-powerful being, nor is she an isolated case in which she could execute a “band of kidnappers” by her own hand. No. The false Wallace Case is a case created by the State, with the complicity of the judicial authorities and the influence peddling of Isabel Miranda Torres, who all together made the physical and moral suffering of the victims a political and media show typical of a totalitarian State.  

The price Mexico has paid for the false Wallace Case manifests itself in the extraordinary corruption among public servants at all levels, from forensic doctors who lent themselves to issuing a death certificate without a body present in the name of Hugo Alberto Wallace Miranda, to judges who —without any competence in the cause— lent themselves to take legal actions to the detriment of the victims, such as illegal transfers to prisons where they were tortured or received beatings paid by Isabel Miranda Torres. As a result of all this, we are suffering a serious breach of the rule of law, a public evil that affects each and every one of us as Mexicans.

Therefore, Isabel Miranda Torres has no place in this ethical tribunal; other than as a defendant, I say it again, and that she answers publicly and openly to each of her victims, direct and indirect, for the damage she caused them. 

For the good of Mexico I make this reflection public.


Guadalupe Lizárraga
Writer and Independent Journalist
Founder of Los Ángeles Press