The Wallace Case (September 25, 2017)

Source: Semáforo
Author: Exal Baltazar Juan Ávila
September 25, 2017
Translation: Guy Simard (Original publication in Spanish on September 3, 2017)

With the kind permission of the author: Exal Baltazar Juan Ávila


Isabel Miranda de Wallace sued for 900 million Pesos.
Televisa and TV Azteca maintain the right to respond.



“What goes around comes around”, and for Isabel Miranda Torres, also known as Isabel Miranda de Wallace, “it” has come around.



 Through time, the security and power she benefits from thanks to Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, Mexico’s former president, have lost both strength and credibility.

For many years, Televisa and TV Azteca, among other media companies, have allowed this woman to bask in impunity while offering her airtime and allowing her to victimize many people, most of who are innocent. Public opinion has allowed itself to be influenced, while judges, ministries, magistrates, prosecutors, police officials, even federal and state governments are controlled by a superficial economic and political power, with its public statements that cause excitement amongst citizens.

In turn, this has granted de Wallace total immunity, to the extent where, time and time again, she has gotten away with blatantly contradicting herself; even worse, she believes her own lies and thinks nobody notices the inaccuracies. The thousands of opinions against her that can be found on social media networks before the afore-mentioned companies publish a single headline corroborate these observations.


Isabel Miranda’s over-inflated ego, her greed and her excessive power hunger, have pushed her to commit the most horrible atrocities, such as accepting and publicly announcing the alleged kidnapping and murder of her son, Hugo Alberto Wallace Miranda, in 2005. How can a mother possibly accept her son’s death, without his body ever turning up? Why does Isabel Miranda insist her son was murdered?

The only plausible answer to those questions is: her son was neither kidnapped nor was he murdered, as have claimed several investigative journalists, and I personally also doubt said events, given how the situation compares to the Iguala mass kidnapping. Not a single parent of the 43 victims was willing to accept officials’ statements claiming the boys were dead because, as they have pointed out and to this day uphold, “if they are dead, then where are their bodies?” Who is Miranda de Wallace trying to convince of her son’s death? Though her past should be addressed on its own, it is important to remember how this woman came to appear in national, and international, headlines.

Once again, the spotlight is on Isabel Miranda de Wallace, or Isabel Miranda Torres, except this time the media is against her as she, like other times before, is being sued.

In this case, human rights activists, Mary Sainz, is suing Isabel Miranda for moral damages after the latter accused her of being a member of the “Z” crime group. This case is but another when compared to the fact that she is also being prosecuted for government espionage.

This past 19th of July, Tamaulipas, one of the main media sources of Ciudad Madero, in Tamaulipas, ran the following story:

“Isabel Miranda Wallace continues to harass Mary Sainz in different ways, though the worst is identifying her as a member of a group known for its organized crime. Mary Sainz ascertains that the allegations are faulse, that they put both her and her family in danger, and that they situation has made her terrified even though she has filed a complaint with the FEADLE, the public prosecutor for torts in freedom of speech and human rights.

Mary Sainz is a well-known activist from Tamaulipas. On February 12th, during a march called “Vibra México”, organized on February 12th in support of Enrique Peña Nieto, she came face to face with Miranda, whose presence a group of activists did not appreciate, and said group proceeded to yell at her, calling her a murderer, a rat and corrupt, which forced Miranda to leave, seeing how they were criticizing her for accepting several million pesos to make the government look good, not to mention that she used said funds corruptly.

Miranda later declared in the news and on social media that Mary Sainz was a man dressed as a woman who was armed and had tried to kill her, and that she had linked Mary to the group of criminals known as Los Zetas.

It should be pointed out that it was not the first time Isabel Miranda was accused of corruption, including for espionage. Back in 2007, the former Federal Investigation Agency had put her on trial for possession of espionage material.

In the case of journalist Guadalupe Lizárraga filing a complaint against Miranda, the latter wrote on Twitter, on June 26th, that, thanks to the Attorney General and the National Human Rights Commission “not doing their job”, she is free; therefore implying that she had done something wrong and did belong behind bars. Moreover, another complaint will be filed after Miranda harassed the afore-mentioned journalist along with activist David Bertet – in November 2016, she hired two ministerial agents to summon them before a Lower California jurisdiction.

Attorney José E. Patiño Hurtado and the Canadian human rights organization “En Vero” lodged a class-action lawsuit against Isabel Miranda Torres for moral damages caused to activists, journalists and other victims. The attorney mentioned that the rights of six individuals were violated in relation to the government espionage system Pegasus, which is why he claimed 900 million pesos in damages

On top of slander, Miranda has threatened and endangered some of the plaintiffs by falsely linking them to criminal groups and hiring Attorney General officials to carry out her harassment. While Miranda would have brought the phone recordings forward herself, according to what she told the media, they would have become widespread on her social networks.” According to the newspaper.

In his commentary “Activistas Vs. Activistas”, David Ed Castellanos Terán writes: “the Canadian Association for Rights and Truth is acting defense for Mary Sainz, Enriqueta Cruz, Brenda Quevedo, Guadalupe, Juan Carlos, Alejandro Vallarta, Florence Cassez and Jacobo Tagle, who have all been attacked by arbitrary accusations carried out by Isabel Miranda de Wallace.”

The fact that the president of the association Alto al Secuestro would make such accusations catches my attention in its entirety. So I ask: Where is the Interior Secretary and all the deputy secretaries who saw Mary Sainz fight for all of Mexico and who don’t identify her as a member of “los Zetas”? Why aren’t the Secretariat of National Defense, the Secretary of Marine and the Attorney General intervening even though they know the full name and face of a criminal? Perhaps, would they be holding back because Isabel Miranda de Wallace actually does serve a government department, just as she was accused of, which is why she pursues her attacks against the activist? Incidentally, if the activist truly had been a member of los Zetas, she would be unable to even show her face in Tampico or Tamaulipas.



Televisa and TV Azteca have gone unpunished despite violating human rights, and the right to respond of those who have been wrongfully identified as “alleged culprits” – completely depriving them of their right to be considered “innocent until proven otherwise”.