The Wallace Case (July 16th, 2015)

Isabel Miranda Torres and Martín Moreno  promoting the so-called Wallace kidnapping.  Photo:  Universal
Isabel Miranda Torres and Martín Moreno
promoting the so-called Wallace kidnapping.
Photo: Universal

Source: Los Angeles Press via MXporFCassez
By Guadalupe Lizárraga

July 16th, 2015

Translation: JB for CART / ACDV (original version in Spanish, published on July 8th, 2015)

The Wallace Case debunked by new evidence (last part)

The myth of the kidnapping and murder of Hugo Alberto Wallace Miranda in 2005 officially came to an end when his true identity, hidden and manipulated since birth by his mother Isabel Miranda Torres, known as “Mrs. Wallace,” was officially confirmed. The 28th Judge of the Civil Registry of Mexico City, José Luis Keymur Landeros, ruled on June 26, 2015, that the birth certificate of Hugo Alberto Miranda Torres, born October 12, 1969, is a true copy of the original belonging in book 01, page 27, item 27, year 1970. This validates the evidence of a double identity of the alleged victim of kidnapping and murder allegedly perpetrated on July 11, 2005, and whose body was never found, but for which four people have been convicted to life imprisonment and two more are still in judicial proceedings.

María Isabel Miranda Torres, on January 15, 1970, registered a living child before the Civil Registry of Tuxpan, Mexico City, under the name of Hugo Alberto. She identified herself as Isabel Torres, 21 years of age and a domestic worker. The supposed father of Hugo Alberto identified himself as Jacinto Miranda, 31 years of age and a company employee. This birth certificate, according to the verification code 29230515, which judge Keymur Landeros attests to its authenticity, confirms also the nullity of the only evidence provided by the Wallaces consisting on the DNA test of a drop of blood taken from the apartment where supposedly Hugo Alberto was mutilated with a power saw, according to his mother’s version. The result of the DNA test coincidentally matched the DNA profile of Isabel Miranda and Enrique Wallace, who—with this certificate—has been legally confirmed not to be the biological father of Hugo Alberto.

The authenticity of the birth certificate also reveals that Isabel Miranda lied to the authorities at the Civil Registry of Tuxpan, Mexico City, about her real name and age since she registered her child identifying herself as Isabel Torres, 21, daughter of Mónica Romero and Alfredo Torres, while her own birth certificate indicates that she was born May 27, 1951, and, therefore. she would have been 18 years of age at the time of the birth of her son in 1969. The same certificate specifies that Isabel Miranda is the daughter of Fausto Miranda Romero and Elfega Torres Jaimes, according to the official data of the Entity 9, Delegation 1, Court 3, Book 20, Certificate 288 for the year 1951.

Original birth certificate of Hugo Alberto Miranda validated  by the 28th Judge of the Civil Registry.
Original birth certificate of Hugo Alberto Miranda validated
by the 28th Judge of the Civil Registry.
Certification of the original certificate of Hugo Alberto Miranda Torres.
Certification of the original certificate of Hugo Alberto Miranda Torres.

On February 10, 1982, the Administrative Office 1 of the Civil Register of Texcoco, State of Mexico issued a certified copy of Hugo Alberto under the surnames of Wallace Miranda. This copy specifies that Hugo Alberto was born in Coatlinchán, Texcoco, on October 12, 1969. Alejo Vazquez Avila, who does not have a professional accreditation, certifies its authenticity. The officer preparing the civil registry with certificate number 2371 and control number 1399 is Abundio Vergara Mata. However, the document does not specify day or month, and the original of the registry cannot be found in the Offices of the Federal District or the State of Mexico.

On this same issue date, Abundio Vergara Mata served as an officer of the Civil registry of Texcoco, but he did not as yet have a professional accreditation. It was not until March 26, 1982, when he obtained the degree of Bachelor in Economics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with the professional identification card number 765481.

On December 18, 2006, one year and five months after the alleged killing of Hugo Alberto, his mother, Isabel Miranda requested another certified copy of a third version of her son’s birth certificate. The recognition by Enrique Wallace Díaz was included in this version and the certificate was issued by the municipality of Netzahualcóyotl, State of Mexico, under seal and signature of the Notary Office 157 directed by the notary Plácido Núñez Barroso. However, in this third document, which also specifies that Hugo Alberto was born in Coatlinchán, Texcoco, and not in Tuxpan as its original certificate states, Isabel Miranda said to be 24 years old when she allegedly registered her living son at the Civil Registry of Texcoco, while in the second certificate she stated to be 21 years, and in the original certificate it is pointed out that she was actually 18.


The debunked myth

For the president of the Canadian Association for Rights and Truth, David Bertet, the character of Mrs. Wallace, “the fictitious figure of mother courage who supposedly single-handedly investigated the kidnapping and the murder of her son, has vanished.” The activist recognized for defending the culprits manufactured in Mexico adds that “the myth of Mrs. Wallace, clearly served a political function in the administration years of Felipe Calderón.”

Bertet explains that by defending the case of the culprits manufactured by Isabel Miranda to support the fake kidnapping of her son, they, he and his team, were aware of the risks involved, “since every one who had dared to follow the investigation discarded by the Mexican authorities had received threats or had been object of reprisals.”

“The most terrifying thing in the Wallace case,” points out the Canadian activist to Los Ángeles Press, “is to realize that Hugo Alberto Wallace Miranda doesn’t even exist as a legal person.” That is, six persons, plus the collateral victims and other innocent persons, imprisoned to make believe that there was a gang of kidnappers responsible for the disappearance of Hugo Alberto and others, were processed, tortured and four of them sentenced to life imprisonment for a crime that never happened, for the simple fact that the perpetrator does not exist,” he emphasizes.

On the other hand, Bertet noted the traces of life of Hugo Alberto Miranda Torres that Los Ángeles Press evidenced since May 31, 2014, in seven issues about the false Wallace kidnapping, and the torture undergone by the victims to get incriminated. The activist emphasizes that “on the other hand, there is strong evidence that his alter ego, Hugo Alberto Miranda Torres, was alive at least until 2010, because he himself processed his CURP five years after the supposed death of Hugo Alberto Wallace Miranda.”

The adultery of Isabel Miranda

Isabel Miranda, a single mother and domestic worker, was 27 years old and had two children when she married Enrique del Socorro Wallace Díaz, Nicaraguan, 39 years old, divorced, and entrepreneur. The marriage took place on September 28, 1978, in Coyoacán, Federal District, according to the certificate. By then, Hugo Alberto was nine years old and his sister Claudia three.

However, since 1973, Isabel Miranda had adulterous sexual relations, as specified by Enrique Wallace’s first wife, Guadalupe Magallanes, reason for which she filed for divorce. Magallanes attested in the certificate that on November 3, 1973, a woman by the name of Isabel Miranda came to her marital home and “told her that she was having adulterous sexual relations with the spouse of the plaintiff, and that at that time her mother, María Teresa Villareal, widow of Magallanes, arrived, and that once again Isabel Miranda repeated the above mentioned,” as well as asking questions about her husband’s property assets.

The divorce was filed by Magallanes and by July 22, 1974, Enrique Wallace was losing custody of his five children and facing the sentencing process as a guilty spouse, which took place a year later, coinciding with the birth of his daughter Claudia, who he sired with Isabel Miranda.


The tale of “The Wallace Case”

The story that Isabel Miranda tells Martín Moreno, author of The Wallace Case, under the Aguilar imprint in 2010, has very little to do with reality. However, Miranda used the book of fiction—of which she was the only source—as evidence of facts to denigrate, slander and defame her victims.

On page 16, she tells how she became close to Enrique Wallace. She says that she was 16 years old when she fell in love with him, and that they were married when she was still underage. Her father, Fausto Miranda, says the narrative voice of the author, stopped talking to her: “the rejection… was absolute, until his first grandchild arrived: Hugo Alberto Wallace Miranda, who was born October 12, 1969, when Isabel was 18 years old.” The only data that match the truth, according to the original certificate, is that she gave birth to Hugo Alberto at age 18 and the date of his birth. Her father signed the certificate, but Enrique Wallace Díaz, married to Guadalupe Magallanes, had not as yet met Miranda.