The Wallace Case (January 9, 2017)

January 9, 2017 (Original publication in Spanish on December 6, 2016)
Translation: Jorge B
Victims of Wallace case ask PGR about the status of the complaint against Miranda
Relatives of the defendants in the alleged kidnapping and killing of Hugo Alberto Wallace Miranda, known as the Wallace case, sent a formal request or pronouncement to Mexico’s attorney general. They once again demand information on the status of the complaints filed in 2014 against Isabel Miranda Torres for manufacturing the crime against her son, which has brought her both economic and political power.
Their pronouncement indicates that since the Wallace case was given an institutional platform with the criminal case 35/2006, “evidence was manufactured, false declarations to judicial authorities were accepted, and authorities were corrupted, which in turn supported influence peddling at different levels of government, and the citizen María Isabel Miranda Torres, alias María Isabel Miranda de Wallace was judicially favoured…”
However, to date, these complaints have been ignored by the Attorney General’s Office or PGR, including the complaint for torture of Brenda Quevedo Cruz and for the multiple human rights violations to the defendants, so that they incriminate themselves for the alleged crime, which the accusing party has never succeeded to prove.
The demand of the status of the complaints to the PGR is relevant due to the recent intimidation attempt on the journalist Guadalupe Lizárraga, from Los Ángeles Press. In fact, on November 11, two government officers traveled from Mexico City to the northern border where a university event on human rights was taking place. At that time, agents asked the journalist to accompany them to the police station to talk about her journalistic work in which she had revealed that there existed traces of life of Hugo Alberto Wallace.
The pronouncement makes reference to people who have been affected, threatened and even deprived of their freedom for trying to clarify the facts or suggest alternative lines of investigation to the official version, provided by Isabel Miranda Torres. One of the more dramatic cases was that of Ambar Treviño, Brenda Quevedo Cruz’s defence attorney, who was accused by Miranda Torres of falsifying documents, for which she was kept in custody until she proved her innocence.
The document sent to the PGR consists of four pages, with a copy to the different levels of power of the Mexican Government and national and international human rights organizations. It is signed by relatives of the accused in the Wallace case, some of whom have already been sentenced to terms of more than a hundred years in jail.