The Mohammad Ali Taheri Case (May 6, 2019)

Source: International Human Rights Foundation and En Vero
May 6, 2019




Spain – Canada – Iran


Subject: Release of Mohammad Ali Taheri

It is with great pleasure to announce that Iranian-born academic and spiritual leader Mohammad Ali Taheri has finally been released from prison, after nine years spent in custody.

Mr. Taheri has been imprisoned since 2010, charged with insult to the sacred, immoral conduct with women, and illegal practice of medicine. Additonal charges were later brought by Iranian authorities, based on Taheri’s spiritual teachings. Charged with new accusations, namely that of “spreading corruption on earth,” Taheri was sentenced to death on two occasions. Under intense pressure from the international Human Rights community, Taheri was finally released on bail in March 2019. It took the Iranian authorities another month to officially drop all charges against Taheri.

In his recent address to journalists, M. Gholam-Hossein Esmaili, spokesperson of the Iranian Judiciary branch, confirmed that all sentences in Mr. Taheri’s case had been rescinded.

While we are deeply satisfied for the release of Mohammad Ali Taheri after nine years in custody, many of which in solitary confinement, we remain dedicated to the release of all people imprisoned in Iran under unsubstantiated charges or laws designed only to punish dissident views.

En Vero and the International Human Rights Foundation, believe this decision provides an opportunity for Iran to move towards full compliance of international Human Rights standards.

We encourage further legislation in close alignment with international laws and treaties to put an end to all practices that led to the arrest and detention of Taheri.

Following Taheri’s release, En Vero  and the International Human Rights Foundation call on Iranian authorities to release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, of which a large number are former students, including students of Taheri. We welcome an open international dialogue with Iran in order to move from criticism to collaboration and eventually, implementation of Human Right reforms. ⬛


Moisés Castello, Director of International Affairs, En Vero.

Mariano Beltrán, Counselor, International Human Rights Foundation.