The Mohammad Ali Taheri Case (Feb. 12, 2019)

Source: En Vero English
Author: S.A. Aram 
February 12, 2019
Review: Jorge B. 


Mohammad All Taheri’s Letter to the Supreme Court of Iran 

Mohammad Ali Taheri’s case has been sent to the Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the final verdict. Mr. Taheri, an Iranian scholar and spiritual teacher, who has been charged with spreading corruption on Earth and sentenced to five years in prison by the Revolutionary Court has written a letter to Mr. Mahammad Niazi, head of the Supreme Court and explained the bias and the violation of his rights by Iran’s judiciary. Mr. Taheri’s family published this letter on their Facebook and Telegram accounts. According to Mr. Niazi the final verdict and result of the case review will be released in a few days.


To: Mr. Mahammad Niazi,
Head of the Supreme Court, Branch 33.


I, Mohammad Ali Taheri, do hereby inform you of the following:

  1. Judge Salavati of Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court, and his counsellor Mr. Ahmadpour did not follow the decision of the Supreme Court, Branch 33 and violated the provisions of clause B, Article 469 of IPC by unjustifiably referring to Article 286 of the new laws about spreading corruption on Earth, argument that had already been rejected by the Supreme Court twice and sentencing me to five years in prison. My illegal detention since April 18, 2010 for 70 days, and the temporary detention for the charge of spreading corruption on Earth since May 4, 2011 until today were not counted. They just considered two years of this period in their illegal verdict.                                                                                                                                                
  2. Instead of referring my case to the Supreme Court, Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court intentionally referred it to Branch 36 of the Appeal Court, headed by Mr. Ahmad Zargar and his counsellor Mr. Hassan Babaei, which upheld the verdict. In addition, the charges were changed from spreading corruption on Earth to insulting an Islamic prophet, blasphemy, acting against national security and being a member of a Marxist organization, the Iranian People’s Fedai Guerrilla Organization since the Appeal Court doesn’t have the capacity to rule on the charge of corruption on Earth. Moreover, it all occurred despite the prosecution ban on the above-mentioned charges issued by Branch 3 of the Shahid Moghaddas court on July 3, 2016. An appeal of the verdict will send my case to the Appeal Courts that are dependent on the Revolutionary Court (Branches 21, 34, 36, 54), which will uphold the sentence in violation of the Supreme Court’s verdict, and nobody will attend to my complaints.                                                
  3. Referring my case to the Appeal Court, instead of the Supreme Court, is a ploy to keep my case in an illegal vicious cycle; it’s being done intentionally with complete knowledge of the laws and how they can be abused. Specifically, in reference to my lawsuit going back to 2011, the final goal is to prolong the trial period and achieve their desired verdict since there is no one to monitor and investigate these violations and crimes. It is in this way, through instructed verdicts, they conduct their illegal trials and carry out their biased intentions.                                                                                               
  4. Given that my appeal of Branch 15’s verdict should have been sent to the Supreme Court for the third time, I demand my case not to be sent to the Appeal Court again to stop this vicious cycle of injustice. I also availing myself of my appeal rights to request the Supreme Court to announce the final verdict.

Enclosed I have attached my complaints about the judiciary’s illegal and criminal actions regarding my case in the last few months for further investigation.

With thanks and appreciation

Wishing you the divine grace,

Mohammad Ali Taheri