The Mohammad Ali Taheri Case (Feb. 12, 2019)

Source: Erfan News Agency
February 12, 2019


Protest campaign to plead for citizenship renouncement in support of Mohammad Ali Taheri

Following the citizenship renouncement pledge to the Islamic Republic of Iran authorities by the founder of the Iranian complementary medicines, the imprisoned thinker Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri, in protest to more than 8 years of cruel detention, systematic corruption in the judiciary, their injustice and infidelity to the laws, and frequent requests made by supporters of Mr. Taheri, the Citizenship Renouncement Campaign announces the start of its activities.

Erfan News Agency (ENA) hereby invites all civil and human rights activists and Master Taheri’s followers to join with the founder of the school of peace and friendship, #Erfan_e_Halgheh in a pledge for fair trials, the prisoners’ rights and the release of the innocent prisoners from Islamic Republic of Iran prisons.

Also we invite the public and in particular Master Taheri’s supporters in Iran and worldwide to participate in different ways of peaceful protests to pursue the same goal.

●Link of channel in telegram for this campaign:

●Giving up Iranian citizenship petition link:


Mr. Taheri’s formal request for “Renunciation of Citizenship” addressed to President Hasan Rouhani 

Mr. President of Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Hasan Rouhani ,

With sincere Greetings ,


It has been more than eight and a half years since I was imprisoned like a hostage by Sarallah security officers.


It is evident through the documents attached and numerous complaints that I have written that during this time, since 2011 until now, I have been under intense cruelty, comprehensive injustice, and threats of organized criminal collusion of Judicial authorities and SarAllah (part of IRGC). These organized collusion with the intention of damaging my character and physical being are still an ongoing concern which leads me to no longer keep any hope on those whom are in charge of upholding fair, justice and impartial rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran ‘s regime.


Therefore, according to the holy verse of Quran : “ verse 97, Chapter 4; An-Nisa “ and in alignmentwith my human and religious duties to stand up to oppression, I would like to demand renouncing my citizenship from the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran .


It needs to be mentioned that this virtuous action is to obtain and defend my human, religious and political rights, therefore the Iranian nation and the future generations could have a fair and conscious judgment on this matter; by conscious and fair judgment a deserved punishment will be demanded. This virtuous action is a reaction against injustice and the subjectivity of Iranian law; also it is to follow the divine command that suggests: “ Not to be cruel, and not to accept cruelty “


I hope that by accepting my request you will allow me to keep my pride and honor in the presence of the God Almighty.


God Bless,


M.A. Taheri