The Mohammad Ali Taheri Case (August 13, 2019)

Source: Erfan news Agency
Interviewee: Roxana Haghighattalab (Manager of Erfan News Agency)
August 18, 2019


The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) called on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran (IRGC) to stop harassing and threatening Religious Prisoner of Conscience Mohammad Ali Taheri and his family. Mr. Taheri is the founder of a mystical school called Halqeh mysticism. The Commission has stated in its announcement: The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has forbidden Mr. Taheri and his lawyer from discussing his religious beliefs, and has issued statements critical of his ideas. Gayle Manchin the vice chair of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom has asked the Islamic Republic of Iran to guarantee freedom of religion and belief for all its citizens.

Ms. Roxana Haghighattalab, the manager of Erfan News Agency and a student of Mohammad Ali Taheri in a talk with the Voice of America about the situation of Mr. Taheri said: “During past 3 months although we witnessed apparently unconditional release of Mr Taheri, the Judiciary under influence of the Revolutionary Guards Corps still continues extreme injustice against Mr. Taheri. The Country’s public prosecutions office has not lifted his foreign travel interdiction. Not only is Mr. Taheri prohibited from leaving the country but also during the past 3 months he has been in a sort of home confinement. He is not in a good condition. He is not permitted to have communication and socializing with anybody although they said he was freed.

On the other hand, we see that some persons and organizations which are connected with Revolutionary Guards Corps and greatly influenced Mr. Taheri’s case, now in the past few months have frequently been threatening to assassinate him. Within past two weeks the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom issued statements about Mr. Taheri and his situation.

Also, the Canadian Association for Rights and Truth, separately expressed concern about Mr. Taheri’s case and his situation in a statement.” It is to be mentioned that Mohammad Ali Taheri the founder of the spiritual movement of Erfan Halqeh was sentenced to death while he was in prison but ultimately this conviction was revoked by the Supreme Court leading to his release on April of the current year.


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