The Mohamad Ali Taheri Case (Oct. 19, 2016)

Author: S. A. Aram
October 19, 2016

Mohammad Ali Taheri, prisoner of conscience, is in coma after 22 days of hunger strike. It’s 16th time that Mr. Taheri has started a hunger strike in the course of his 5 year imprisonment. Mr. Taheri was admitted in Baghiyatolah Aazam hospital today, under Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’s (IRGC) scrutiny. The security forces are not allowing his family to visit him. Many of his students who are gathered in front of hospital, are facing violence acts by the security forces.

This is the message by his family who are Canadian citizen that published in their social media:

“Upon our recent and second conversation with our family in Iran, we were told that the family has been notified about Mr. Taheri’s status, that he has been in coma, and has remained since last night. He therefore, has been transferred to the hospital. Once receiving further news about Mr. Taheri’s status, we will notify everyone.” Mohammad Ali Taheri Family in Canada

Here below Mrs. Ziba, Mr. Taheri’s wife, protesting in front of hospital.