The Mohamad Ali Taheri Case (July 18, 2016)

Author: S. A. Aram
July 18, 2016
Review: Alicia Walcott


Temporary Prison Release for Mohammad Ali Taheri

Mohammad Ali Taheri, Iranian scholar and prisoner of conscience, was temporarily released from prison
on July 14, 2016 to attend his daughter’s wedding ceremony.

Mr. Taheri, who has been detained at the Elvin prison for over five years, was released for several hours under high security supervision. Security services did not allow him to attend the wedding reception and Taheri was returned to prison immediately after the ceremony. It has also been reported that security forces secured and heavily guarded the area hours before Taheri was escorted to the ceremony.



While Mr. Taheri’s court-ordered prison sentenced was set finish the 18th February, 2016, he is still imprisoned illegally in solitary confinement under the Islamic Republic of Iran.