The Mohamad Ali Taheri Case (August 21, 2017)

Source: En Vero (English)
Author: S. A. Aram
August 21, 2017

Current Condition of Iranian Scholar, Mohammad Ali Taheri remains unknown

Mohamad Ali Taheri’s last trial was held on July 10th, 2017. it was the third time in five years, that Taheri faced the same charges of spreading corruption on earth. On August 2015, Mr. Taheri had been sentenced to capital punishment. However, the sentence was later quashed by the Iranian Supreme Court due to the lack of evidence. On July 4th, 2016, all charges were dropped against him, which would have led to his immediate release. Nonetheless, Taheri has remained in solitary confinement since then, the same accusations being charged against him for the third time. A new verdict is expected to be released soon.

In the meantime, Iranian authorities seem to have drastically increased their pressure on Taheri’s students, as Faradarmani masters and followers of Taheri’s teaching were arbitrarily detained in great numbers, during the last few months. One of them, M. Saeid Hashemi was arrested in his house on July 2, 2017, while Mostafa Abed was walking in the street of the city of Mashhad when a group of Revolutionary Guards put him under arrest. A total of 27 Faradarmani masters and students were detained in the city of Mashhad, whereas 40 Faradarmani practitioners got arrested on July 18th, in Najafabad (Isfahan), and another 9 on July 23rd, in Shahinshahr. In Shiraz, relatives of Saeideh Goudarzi and his daughter blame the revolutionary guards for their disappearance since July 30.

Like many other Human Rights Organizations around the world, En Vero supports Mohamad Ali Taheri and the other Faradarmani followers, who fell prey to infamous persecutions because of their beliefs, and urges the Iranian Authorities to respect all Iranians fundamental rights, among them: the freedom of speech and conscience.