The Cynthia Cantú Muñoz Case (June 17, 2017)

Source: Notigodínez
Autor: Juan Carlos Godínez Zapata
El 17 de junio de 2017
Traducción: Lina Olvera (Versión original en español el 28 de noviembre de 2015)


Inmate Reports drug sales in Chalco Penitentiary … and “authorities” punish her.

Areli Cynthia Cantú Muñoz, an inmate at the Preventive and Social Rehabilitation Center of Chalco State of Mexico, who was accused of an alleged kidnapping, reported harassment threats against her and her family members after revealed that she is being coerced into selling drugs at the prison.

On the Affidavit sent by the lawyer of the inmate, Oscar Sánchez, it is claimed that Areli has been extorted for several months by another inmate to participate in the sale of narcotics. When the reported situation to the Chiefs of command, commanders and even the director of the prison, Florencia Genoveva Juárez Coatl, they did not act and even Juárez Coatl tried to persuade the complainant “to remain silent because many people could be harmed.”

The family filed a complaint with the judge of the judicial district of Chalco, which requested information from the director of the institution on the precautionary measures that have been taken to safeguard the integrity of Areli Cantú. Nevertheless, the family of the inmate confirms that Juárez Coatl lied by assuring the judge that “the measures were already being implemented “.

Instead of investigating the facts and offering protection to Areli, the “authorities” undertook a series of acts of reprisal against her and her family which included suspending her visits, stripping her of her money and even segregating her from the rest of the inmates without reason.

When the family reached out to the prison, no “authority” has given the relatives an explanation while blatantly delayed any additional attention to her case.

Areli Cynthia Cantú Muñoz, 32, was violently removed from her home located in Ixtapaluca, the State of Mexico on the night of November 8, 2012. Also present in the home were her 13-year-old son, two of his friends, and another woman with whom she shared the house, which was also detained.

After being removed from their home by hooded individuals – supposed Attorney General Agents of the State of Mexico (PJEM) – they were allegedly taken to a house where other men were being tortured. There, as reported by the relatives, the women were raped and tortured and the 13-year-old boy became a victim of sexual abuse by the “agents”.

Subsequently, the PJEM informed the press that a gang of kidnappers had been captured in a “safe house” where they were holding a man captive who was never identified. In total, 12 people, including Areli Cantú, were accused of kidnapping, homicide, extortion and other crimes. The prosecutor reported that everyone had confessed the crimes.

Since the arrest of Areli, her relatives reported that the case was fabricated with false charges. Four months later in March 2013 Areli’s mother, Cynthia Cantú was killed on the street by individuals on a motorcycle, just when she was planning how to secure the release of her daughter.