Open Letter to Denise Dresser on her Debate with Isabel Miranda de Wallace (Oct 20, 2015)

CART_EDIT_20-10-2015_Open_letter_to_Denise_Dresser_-_pic_1 Source: FEMCAI / CART Edition / MXporFC
By Patricia Barba, David Bertet, Nolverto Flores Avila
October 20, 2015


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Montreal, Canada
October 15, 2015

Dear Ms. Dresser,

After watching your debate with Isabel Miranda [de Wallace], we have the following respectful comments:

  1. We were dismayed with the line of reasoning you gave for requesting such a debate, since someone of your standing does not debate with criminals, as it is like exchanging opinions with La Tuta, Chapo Guzman, and the like.
  1. The fact that Isabel Miranda is, indeed, a vicious criminal has been widely and undoubtedly demonstrated by the sound investigations of Anabel Hernández, published in Proceso; Guadalupe Lizarraga, published in Los Angeles Press, and David Bertet, President of the Canadian Association for Rights and Truth., and the group of activists running the blog It is hard for us to believe that you haven’t at least read Anabel’s work in Proceso regarding the notoriously deceiving “Caso Wallace”.
  1. When this vicious and corrupt woman denounces “conflict of interest” on the part of the Executive Secretary of the CIDH, she is exhibiting an unbelievable degree of cynicism as she has profited enormously from the web of lies which constitute the entire “Caso Wallace” fiasco. First, she succeeded in hiding his delinquent son, Hugo Alberto, who is linked with organized crime; second, she receives huge amounts of tax payers money from Felipe Calderon’s scandalous administration to support her equally deceiving and fake  organization “Alto al Secuestro”; third, she was launched as a candidate for the government of Mexico City by the PAN (Partido Acción Nacional) in 2012, and, as incredible as it may sound, she received the National Human Rights Award despite the fact that she falsely accused, caused to be imprisoned and savagely tortured six innocent people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, so to speak.
  1. According to all investigations based on solid evidence, Isabel Miranda not only has lied repeatedly to Mexican and North American authorities, but committed adultery as she maintained a sexual relationship with the still married Enrique Wallace who, by the way, is not the biological father of Hugo Alberto; she is responsible for the virtual kidnapping of six innocent citizens who were imprisoned, and she witnessed the torture of Brenda Quevedo Cruz, Jacobo Tagle, Cesar Freyre, Juana Hilda González Lomelí, Antonio and Alberto Castillo.
  1. Despite the fact that Nestora Salgado García has been exonerated by a federal judge of the invented charges that caused her illegal imprisonment, Isabel Miranda insists that this admirable woman continues to be incarcerated and there is no surprise here. Miranda has tight connections with Ricardo Martinez, former Procurator for the Attention of Victims (!!??) under the administration of Angel Aguirre Rivero, who has been known to participate in the hideous trafficking of young girls in the State of Guerrero, and Nestora’s activities in the rescue of several of his victims was affecting Martinez’s immoral “business”.
  1. Now Isabel directs her guns against not only Emilio Alvarez Icaza, but also the Ayotzinapa Students and Parents by attempting to label this forced disappearance         as a simple “kidnapping” by drug traffickers, despite the numerous evidence and   testimonies that demonstrate the direct involvement of the army, the federal, state    and municipal police.

However, Isabel is not acting according to any sort of moral imperative, as she lacks ethics and honesty; she is clearly paying back an immensely corrupt “government” which allows her to commit all sorts of atrocities with total impunity.

What really appalled us, Denise, was hearing your praise for Isabel’s work in favor of the rights of the victims (¡¡¡???). Namely, the fact that you requested a debate with a criminal of this magnitude could mean either of two situations: 1) that you put yourself down at her same level of immorality, which to us is unthinkable, or 2) that any other time, you could easily request a debate with any other scoundrel.

Sincerely yours,

Patricia Barba
FEMCAI, Founding Member
Frente de Medios de Comunicación Alternativos Independientes

David Bertet
Presidente, ACDV
Asociación Canadiense por el Derecho y la Verdad

Nolverto Flores Avila
Mexico por Florence Cassez
Blog de activistas mexicanos contra los culpables fabricados