Omar Quevedo Cruz (Mexico)

In charge of the Omar Quevedo Cruz Case: Antonio Gullién and David Bertet.



  • News (2) on May 16, 2019: PGR helped fabricate evidence for Isabel Miranda de Wallace (Los Ángeles Press, trans.)
  • News (1) on May 16, 2019: Hugo Alberto Wallace’s biological father confirms manufacture of his son’s kidnapping and triple identity (Los Ángeles Press, trans.)
  • News on May 31, 2017: CART replies to accusations by Isabel Miranda de Wallace (En Vero / CART, trans.) 
  • News on May 31, 2017:  Protest with banners outside the Federal Attorney General Office (PGR) catches the attention towards Jesus Murillo Karam (En Vero / CART, Trans.)
  • News on February 25, 2017: Interview with Mexican activist Mary Sainz, who refutes Wallace’s allegation about “an armed man dressed as a woman” (Los Ángeles Press, trans.)
  • News on January 30,2017:  CART’s open Letter to Mexican General Attorney on Harassment against Journalist Guadalupe Lizarraga (CART COM)
  • News on January 27, 2017: Stop Impunity: The fake Wallace Case VIDEO (Los Angeles Press, trans.)
  • News on December 31, 2016: Open letter to Mexican General Attorney Raúl Cervantes Andrade(Freedom Socialist Party)
  • News on October 20, 2015: Open letter to Denise Dresser on her debate with Isabel Miranda de Wallace (CART, FEMCAI, MXporFC)