Mohamad Ali Taheri Case (April 2nd, 2016)

pic_2Source: CART EDIT

Author: S. A. Aram

Review: David Bertet

April 2nd , 2016

The name of Mohammad Ali Taheri in the report by Special Rapporteur on the human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran

The name of Mohammad Ali Taheri as well as those his students’ are once again mentioned in the March 2016 report from the UN special rapporteur on human rights in Iran. 

The Iranian scholar, and spirituality teacher Mohammad Ali Taheri has spent the last five years in prison. Despite the decision for confinement being issued, finished, Mohammad Ali Taheri remains in solitary confinement. Since his arrest, Mohammad Ali Taheri’s students and supporters all around the world, including Iran, have been protesting and showing their unconditional support to their teacher. A number of his supporters in Iran have been arrested for showing their support to Taheri during peaceful protests, and have received prison sentences themselves.

In March 2016, a report by Mr. Ahmed Shaheed about the situation of human rights in Iran has been issued: it is also reported that Sara Saei and Dariush Adeem, two students of Mr. Taheri, has been arrested by Iranian authorities for supporting their teacher.

Access the full version of the report: here.