To become a member

En Vero is a non-profit organization and a Charity that receives no funding from the government. Our operating budget is based only on private donations and annual subscriptions of our members, and is used for:

  • Payment of legal fees for people that we defend
  • Website maintenance
  • News and communication fees
  • Compensation for travel (prison visits, …)

Becoming an associate member ($ 15 / year) will allow you to contribute in achieving the objectives of the Association, keeping you informed of our progress in cases of “framed guilty” individuals whom we defend.

In addition to contributions aiding the achievement of the Associations objectives, becoming an active member ($ 20 / year) allows you to vote in the General Assembly, making your voice count in our annual meetings.
Anyone, residents of Canada or not, who wish to become an associate or active member may apply directly by sending an email to Please make sure to have read and be in agreement with, the organizations Charter. Also, please do this after subscribing to the corresponding level you wish to contribute.

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