Objectives and achievements

Main objectives:

We are dedicated to:

  • Promoting respect for Human Rights, including national and international laws, providing judicial review and legal support services to people proven to be unfairly incarcerated due to errors made in the criminal justice process.
  • Promoting Human Rights by raising public awareness about cases of human rights violations through publication and dissemination of objective information.
Actions and achievements: 

In order to help victims and their families, En Vero implements 3 plans of action: 

Judicial :

  • Preparing  documents with the Organization’s legal opinion on a specific case, currently known as amicus curiae, consisting in a reasoned and argued recommendation sent to the judge
  • Preparing appeals and legal recourses at national and international levels
  • Participation in the elaboration of judicial defense strategies in partnership with the victims, their families and their lawyers (without ever imposing a defensive strategy)
  • Linking victims with pro bono lawyers
  • Writing of complaints in the name of the victims against those responsible for the violations of the human rights and rules of procedure

 Media :

  • Publication of objective information concerning the cases of the falsely accused persons and the investigation results on our website and on the websites of partner associations
  • Translation and diffusion of media content related to current cases in the three official languages of the organization (French, English, Spanish)
  • Representation in the media of people who are isolated and condemned to silence
  • Organization of interviews between media sources and the victims or their representatives
  • Implementation of campaigns across social media regarding current cases and general problems with the respect of human rights

Psychological : We consider the mental state of the alleged victims and their family members with regard to the suffering they may have endured and the effects this may have on their defense.

  • Making secure means of communication available for the victims, their families and people who defend human rights whose safety and security are threatened
  • Maintaining regular contact with the victims and/or their representatives through these secure means of communication
  • Implementation of measures aiming to ensure physical and psychological security and integrity of the victims and their families
  • Organization of visits to the imprisoned victims by the members of En Vero
  • Organization of psychologist visits to the families of the victims (pilot project)

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