Human Rights in Mexico (November 26, 2014)

Source : France 24
Investigation by Laurence Cuvillier
November 26, 2014

FRANCE 24 investigates new Mexico kidnapping case

Access to the video.

The southern Mexican city of Cocula grabbed global headlines after being named by officials as the place where 43 students who went missing in September were likely murdered. Now FRANCE 24 has uncovered a new kidnapping case in the same town.

A witness to the latest kidnapping told FRANCE 24 that more than 30 high school students, including her teenage daughter, were rounded up in broad daylight on the last day of classes. It was July 7 – the children have not been heard from since.

During and after the abduction, the kidnappers told Cocula residents they would kill them if they spoke out. Terrified families did not report the incident to authorities or the media, until now.

Their collective silence is due in part to what appears to be another case of criminal complicity between local police forces and drug cartels that operate with impunity in the region. Although the captors were wearing masks, they took the secondary school students away in police vehicles that they did not even bother to camouflage.