The José Martin González Moreno Case (August 5, 2016)

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Author: Guillermo Uria (
August 5, 2016
Translation by: JB (Original publication in Spanish on July 28, 2016)

On June 17, 2016, in the town of Puente Grande in the state of Jalisco, the conclusions of the Istanbul Protocol carried out on José Martin González Moreno at the request of the Sixth District Judge of Federal Criminal Proceedings of the State of Jalisco, Edgar Israel Flores del Toro, were presented. After evaluating the physical condition of González Moreno, Dr. Humberto Madera Carrillo of the state of Jalisco (federal professional certificate: #5047209), determined that there was sufficient evidence to confirm that he had been the victim of torture and physical and psychological abuse by the authorities.

After performing different tests and analyzing the information obtained, Dr. Humberto Madera determined that José Martín González Moreno had been subjected to three types of torture classified by the Istanbul Protocol: trauma, cranial trauma and thoracic or abdominal trauma. These injuries are consistent with the description of the facts provided by the subject, who said that he was continuously beaten by the arresting police officers of the state of Jalisco on September 18, 2009, the day he was arrested.





Let’s remember that Martín entered prison after having been captured in the vicinity of his home, in the village of Tala. He was accused by federal authorities of being the head of a group of armed criminals operating in the area. The police proceeded to the capture of José Martín, due in part to the testimony of Milton Trujillo Montiel, who initially identified him as leader of the criminal group. According to a letter subsequently written by Milton himself and of which CART has obtained copy, he was forced through torture by the local police to testify against José Martín, whom, the subject points out, “he had never seen before in his life.” The group of police officers responsible for capturing both individuals included agents Dagoberto Grande Hernández, Elpidio Rodríguez González, Óscar Manuel Romero Hernández, José Miguel Oliva Escalante, Martín Hernández López, José Antonio Rafael Zepeda and María del Carmen Encerrado Duran.

It is worth noting that just as in the case of José Martín, the Istanbul Protocol examinations carried out on the defendant Milton Trujillo Montiel resulted in confirming that he had also been a victim of torture by the Jalisco authorities. According to the report by Dr. Madera, Milton was subjected to two types of torture within the scope covered by the Istanbul Protocol: trauma and electric shock.

Thus, the veracity of the version of events as told by José Martin González Moreno in his statement addendum is strongly confirmed. Both individuals were tortured by members of the police, which continued by manufacturing elements in order to incriminate them.

In April 2016, CART decided to include José Martín González Moreno in its database of manufactured convicts and represent their interests to obtain their release and acquittal of the manufactured charges.

CART calls on the judiciary of the state of Jalisco that the case of José Martín Moreno González be resolved in accordance with the law and within the time limits the law stipulates.