The Wallace Case (May 16, 2019)

Source: Los Ángeles Press
Author: Guadalupe Lizárraga
May 16, 2019 (
Original publication on April 22, 2019)
Translation: Jorge B.


Hugo Alberto Wallace’s biological father confirms manufacture of his son’s kidnapping and triple identity

A third birth certificate and a Personal ID Code Number (CURP) in the name of Hugo Alberto León Miranda, in addition to a DNA sample, a birth certificate and testimony of his biological father, confirm – without a doubt – that Hugo Alberto Wallace Miranda was not kidnapped or murdered on July 11, 2005, and that he is the biological son of Carlos León Miranda, cousin of María Isabel Miranda Torres, known as “Mrs. Wallace.” Since the manufacture of the kidnapping, Isabel Miranda has declared before the Public Prosecutors’ office, federal judges and mass media that her son Hugo Alberto is the biological son of the Nicaraguan businessman José Enrique del Socorro Wallace Diaz, and that the scientific evidence based on the DNA analysis of a drop of blood of one centimeter obtained from the supposed place of the facts seven months later, when compatibility with Wallace Diaz and Miranda Torres was made, was conclusive proof of her son’s murder.

Nevertheless, the doubt prevailed because the DNA result, provided on March 20, 2006, the expert in Forensic Genetics expert Yanet Rogel Montes de Oca specified that the genetic profiles corresponded to two homologous sex chromosomes: XX (female), and not XY (male), that is, that it was woman’s blood. Faced with the questioning by the defense of the accused, after the expert witness had ratified the result before a federal judge, she justified that it was a “clerical error,” although before the questioning she had not mentioned it. The result was also endorsed by the chemist, pharmacist, biologist Xóchitl Adriana Felix-Lopez, who signed the document as “Professional Expert in Forensic Genetics,” in an official document from Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office, also on March 20, 2006.

The accused’s defense lawyer Ámbar Treviño, who in retaliation was illegally jailed for crimes manufactured in 2010, questioned at that time the “clerical error” of the expert work by the Attorney General’s Office and today she reiterated in an interview for Los Ángeles Press that in this type of expert work “there cannot be clerical errors because it changes the meaning of the evidence.” Lawyer Treviño points out that a letter changes the gender, and that the expert excuses herself only after she is questioned, and adds that there were never graphs that supported the genetic test: “How we can trust what the expert says if these graphs do not exist.” When asked before a court hearing, the expert responded that she did not know about the whereabouts of the genetic test’s graphics, but that she had handed them in. However, they were never in the file. The lawyer reiterates that “graphics are more than important, they are essential: a logical and necessary result in every genetic test.”

The only forensic evidence, despite its not being forceful, due to the conditions and time in which it was collected, has kept the case in suspense due to the judges’ pretence and it has led Isabel Miranda in supporting the lie about her son’s biological paternal origin, to affirm that Hugo Alberto was murdered and dismembered in the bathroom of apartment 4 at 6 Perugino, in Extremadura Insurgentes, a neighbourhood in Mexico City. It is here where the accused Juana Hilda González Lomelí lived, whom, the prosecutor’s officers Braulio Robles Zúñiga and Fermín Ubaldo Cruz after they tortured and sexually abused her, on February 8, 2006, forced her to incriminate Brenda Quevedo Cruz, César Freyre Morales, Albert and Tony Castillo Cruz, Jael Malangón Uscanga and Jacobo Tagle Dobín, through a photograph they took from her apartment, in which they had posed together in front of the church of Chalma, in the State of Mexico, and who were later illegally persecuted and detained by Isabel Miranda and her brother Roberto Miranda, accompanied by police officers from the SIEDO-PGR.


The triple identity of Hugo Alberto

The birth certificate in the name of Hugo Alberto León Miranda is the second official record made by Carlos León Miranda and María Isabel Miranda Torres, in the Xochimilco Delegation, at Office 0032, on October 10, 1970, in Book Number 11, Act number 300. Using this act, Hugo Alberto obtained his CURP on February 24, 2010, same date he also processed the CURP on behalf of Hugo Alberto Miranda Torres, name with which his mother registered him on January 15, 1970, in the Federal District, using false names of parents and grandparents. In the record, original copy of the book, the father’s name appears as Fausto Miranda, who in any case would be Isabel Miranda’s brother, and the mother’s name as Isabel Torres. Isabel’s paternal surname is not declared, for her not to be registered as Hugo’s single mother. A third birth registration was done under the name of Hugo Alberto Wallace Miranda, six years after his birth, on November 19, 1975, in the municipality of Texcoco, at Office 001, Book 12, Act number 2371.

Los Ángeles Press obtained other paternity tests and testimonies that reveal the original identity of Hugo Alberto. Another documentary evidence is the birth certificate of his biological father, Carlos León Miranda, which specifies that he is the son of Carlos León Sánchez and María Guadalupe Miranda Romero, and that he was born in the municipality of Tejupilco, State of Mexico, December 4, 1941, at 1:00 p.m. Nine days later, the birth and recognition certificate was created in the civil registry office of the same municipality. In this act it is evident that María Guadalupe Miranda Romero (mother of Carlos and grandmother of Hugo Alberto) is the daughter of Fausto Miranda and María Isabel Romero, both parents of Fausto Miranda Romero, father of María Isabel Miranda Torres.

According to the testimonies, María Isabel Miranda Torres, 16, and Carlos León Miranda, 26, are first cousins. While she was living with her aunt María Guadalupe Miranda Romero, who paid her secretarial studies, they started having sexual relations. . Isabel’s father, Fausto Miranda, and her brothers, realized the existence of their relationship following Isabel’s pregnancy and threatened Carlos Leon so that he would get away from her. Nevertheless, the cousins continued their relation and got married in Amecameca, State of Mexico, in 1970. But they lived together only a few months because there were differences in the couple, in addition to the anger of Isabel’s father and the death threats from her brothers to their cousin.

“I married her. Yes, we were first cousins, but what did it have to do with anything. I wanted to do things right, says Carlos León Miranda, I spoke with her parents and they sent me to hell, they even threatened to kill me. We got married in Amecameca, State of Mexico, and registered Hugo in Xochimilco, but her father and brothers would not leave me alone.”

Hugo Alberto’s biological father is now 77 years old, lives in the city of Ensenada, Baja California, and continues to practice as a homeopathic doctor Apart from the office, he has a Natura Vital pharmacy, which distributes natural products. He has lived in that city since June 7, 1986, when he arrived with María Guadalupe Ortega Vélez, with whom he lived 13 years there and had their son Carlos León Miranda Ortega.

The first wife of Hugo Alberto’s father was Alicia Rodríguez Tinoco, whom he met at Colonia Roma, in Mexico City, with whom he had three children: Amílcar, Carlos Ernesto and Máximo Antonio Miranda Rodriguez. Amílcar was raised by Carlos León’s mother, because Alicia was a domestic employee and Carlos’s mother did not accept that she were part of the family. Then, in 1967, he brought Isabel Miranda home, when she was 16 years old, to help her with her studies. Two years later, Isabel had Hugo Alberto, October 12,1969. By January 15, 1970, she registered him as Hugo Alberto Miranda Torres, using false names in the civil registry, and on October 10, 1970, when Hugo Alberto was one year old, she re-registered him with the surnames of León Miranda, when she was already married to her cousin.

A few months later, Carlos and Isabel ended their relationship without completing the year of marriage. He asked her for a divorce because he had a new partner with whom he wanted to formalize their relationship, the nurse María Guadalupe Ortega Vélez, whom he had met at Texoco’s ISSSTE. With her he had a son, who is the only one who has his father’s full name. A fourth woman, María Luisa Vargas Pérez, entered Carlos León Miranda’s life, with whom he had a sixth child, César Augusto Miranda Vargas, and who still lives with him in the city of Ensenada.


The nurse Maria Guadalupe Ortega Vélez and doctor Carlos Leon Miranda, parents of Carlos Leon Miranda Ortega, half brother of Hugo Alberto.. Photo:  Courtesy / Los Angeles Press.