Mohammad Ali Taheri (Iran)

Person in charge of the case of Mohammad Ali TaheriMoises Castello.

Case Summary:

Mohammad Ali Taheri is a teacher, doctor, scientist and author from Iran who has proposed theories and practices dealing with spirituality from the perspective of science. The Iranian government arrested M. Taheri, and accused him of the following charges:

1. Insult to the Iranian sanctities
2. Illegal teaching
3. Promotion of acts against Islam

If the judge decides so, the sentence against M. Taheri can well be one of death penalty. The authorities from Iran have not given any detail concerning Dr. Taheri’s legal status. On the other hand, none of the above accusations have a solid and rational foundation. Which is why En Vero has decided to take on M. Taheri’s case as a case of wrongfully accused person.

Update (2019-04-24):

Mohammad Ali Taheri was finally released from prison on April 24, 2019.

On April 17, 2019, nine years after he was imprisoned, the 36th Branch of the Revolutionary Appeal Court of Iran nullified prior sentences against Mohammad Ali Taheri, based on articles of the New Criminal Code and ordered the release of Mohammad Ali Taheri from Tehran’s Evin Prison. Taheri was finally released on April 24.


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